luni, 7 septembrie 2015

Protect Your Dark Elixir

Without Delgado Cruz (Madrid, 1929) today would be cartoons, but they would not be equal, because of this madrilenian contribution to animation was decisive, and his studies left landmarks such as Don Quixote, the loft of the fantasy or the Trotamúsicos. Apart from that, he was the teacher of several generations of animators.

His fascinating biography and tell us San Jorge Román Delgado Cruz Sánchez (his son and collaborator) in the book of Don Quixote to the Trotamúsicos, published by Diabolo Ediciones. We have spoken to all three and we have also used to retrieve some audiovisual documents archive of TVE.
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Delgado Cruz confesses his love for comics and animation came to him since childhood: "I wanted to be animator since I saw snow white and the seven dwarfs, which for me is the great work of animation. Nobody believed is that Disney could do that in the year 1937. Along with Pinocchio to me are the two great films of drawings".

But the way to get to is entertainer was complicated. "I started at age 13 renting some comics that had in my house to get me a few cents - confesses-, even taking the comics home." "My friends and I ended up creating our own comics that we had left reading to our classmates, I still keep one we did of The Spirit and that is 60 years old". (It would start so his career as a comic artist, less well-known but almost as important as his career as animator).

"Also - continues cross - I went to booths cinema to take cuts of rolls of film to study them and know how to work that the film. After study at the school of fine arts in Madrid, at the time illustrating Disney comics to get me a money. In addition, we bought second hand x-rays and limpiábamos them to use as acetates and create our films."

He went so far as to fabricate your own camera to record frame-by-frame. "At that time was many times to trace because here such cameras could not buy. And one day I found one that reporters of the 1930s, a Kinamo, used and made an addition to be able to shoot frame by frame. So I did a two-minute film about a character who was called molecule that had created for the Ama journal, in the year 60 ".
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"Then I worked four years in the studies Moro (responsible for the Ruperta Telerín family), where I learned the craft. In 1961, I went to the Belvision studios in Brussels, where I participated in the realization of a feature film. And in 1963, I returned to Madrid to found a production company dedicated exclusively to the production of cartoons, the studios cross, a madness that spell. Our first job was the short film the cat with boots".

As he did all eos, also triumphed as Illustrator of comics in Europe, one side less known and which in the book is very well documented, with abundant samples of his comics.

In 1968 slim cross created the first Spanish animated series, based on his character's comic molecule (molecule Adventures). "They were thirteen episodes in black and white - cross - says." That was a big mistake because I had to have risky to do it in color since then reissued it has not. They were seven-minute episodes."

And in 1978 he collaborated with the famous Illustrator José Ramón Sánchez in the attic of the fantasy. "Jose Ramon and I are great friends since we met in Moro studies. Proposed me to make a film about a books that the he had illustrated, which were very didactic. My scriptwriter, and Gustavo Alcalde, who a year ago that he died, made the adaptation. Then there would be a version in eight episodes which aired on Spanish Television as a series in the Dabadabadá program. And it was a great success."